What To Do After A Collision With A Truck

Your actions after an accident can significantly impact your physical and financial well-being. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential steps you should take immediately following a truck collision.

Your main motive is to protect yourself and your interests. A personal injury claim can safeguard your future when it provides you with the compensation you need to cover your accident-related expenses. The attorneys of Judd Shaw Injury Law are ready to lay the groundwork for a potentially life-changing legal settlement.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck crash, our experienced lawyers are here to help you understand your rights. Under our No Fee Guarantee®, our lawyers can pursue justice for you, and you won’t owe anything unless you receive compensation for your claim.

Ensure Safety First

The first moments following a truck collision can be chaotic, but you can prioritize your safety if you know what to do. If you can move your vehicle, relocate to a safe location away from traffic to avoid another accident.

If your car is immobilized, turn on your hazard lights and set out warning triangles to alert other drivers. On a busy street, you might need to exit your vehicle and wait in a safer location, like the shoulder or the other side of a traffic barrier.

Call 911 to request emergency services for injuries and to report the truck collision to traffic authorities. A police report will facilitate your car insurance claim and any legal proceedings that might follow. Even if your injuries seem minor, always seek the opinion of a medical professional.

Avoid Undermining Your Insurance Claim

New Jersey is a no-fault state, so your insurance policy will cover qualifying expenses. Yet, insurance companies require you to follow their procedures and provide evidence of your losses.

Research indicates that stress can have profound effects on decision-making and memory. Though missing deadlines or making errors is understandable after a traumatic experience, unsympathetic insurance companies may have little patience. If you make a mistake that is used as a basis to reject your claim, you could receive a reduced amount or lose out on the settlement you deserve.

Your personal injury lawyers can put together a documented record of supporting information for your truck accident claim. You can help them collect proof by applying the following tips.

Exchange contact info

Though New Jersey personal injury protection (PIP) insurance is meant to provide medical bill coverage regardless of who is at fault, you still need to obtain some information from people related to your truck accident.

At the scene, obtain the following information if at all possible:

  • Other motorists: Take a picture of insurance cards and driver’s licenses or write down the ID and policy number of any other drivers involved in your truck accident. You will also need the make, model, and license plate number of all connected vehicles.
  • Witnesses: Gather the names and contact information of anyone who saw the accident. If they are willing to make a video or an audio statement, this will help preserve their accounts while their memories are fresh.
  • Responding officers: For accidents that incur property damage of more than $500, injuries, or death, you should always make sure a report is submitted within 10 days to Motor Vehicle Services. According to the Medford police department, when officers respond to the scene and make their own report, “your requirements are satisfied with Motor Vehicle Services.” Get a copy of the police report or its number from the attending officer, along with his or her name and badge number.

If the person who hit your car refuses to provide contact information, stay calm and safe. Discreetly contact law enforcement and allow them to handle the matter.

Document your experience

When it comes to proving who is at fault or substantiating your losses, seeing is believing. In other words, visual evidence and firsthand testimony are the most convincing types of evidence.

If your injuries prevent you from documenting the accident scene, ask an unharmed passenger or onlooker to act on your behalf. You can also call your law firm to let them know you need help gathering evidence before it’s too late.

Consider collecting the following proof to confirm the facts of your truck accident case:

  • Take detailed photographs and video recordings. Capture your surroundings, such as road conditions, traffic signs, and skid marks. Snap photographs from multiple angles, including wide-angle photos showing points of reference and close-ups of injuries and property damage.
  • Preserve records of your medical treatment and recovery. Seek medical attention promptly and keep copies of your paperwork, prescriptions, and receipts for medical travel. Keep a daily journal of your physical discomfort, symptoms, and limitations resulting from your injuries.
  • File a workers’ compensation claim. If your truck accident occurred while performing work duties, you are likely eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Notify your employer and keep a file of any paperwork you receive related to your claim (e.g., First Report of Injury, Subsequent Report of Injury)
  • Keep track of your lost wages. Pay stubs, tax returns, and employment contracts verify your employment status and income before the incident. Your truck accident lawyer can help you request a letter from your employer confirming your salary and time missed from work. Be sure to notify your legal representative of any sick leave, vacation time, or other benefits used during your recovery.

In New Jersey, you can seek compensation for other accident-related expenses, such as household help and childcare. Keep a log of what you spend on any assistance for tasks you are unable to perform due to your injuries.

Demonstrate your commitment to recovery

Insurance companies often find reasons to deny or devalue claims. One tactic they have successfully used is arguing that accident injuries are less severe than the victims claim or that the injured party did something to hinder their rehabilitation.

You can combat their schemes by following your doctor’s recommendations. Following the prescribed treatment shows you are doing your part to recuperate as fully as possible.

Staying off social media during the claims process is equally important. Insurance adjusters and defense attorneys often scour social media profiles for any evidence that could discredit your injury claims. Even innocent posts or photos can be misinterpreted and used to undermine your credibility.

Let Us Defend Your Rights

Relying on personal injury protection insurance to secure maximum compensation could be a regrettable choice for many accident survivors. Insurance companies often prioritize their financial interests, offering settlements that fall short of actual damages and losses.

So get help for your truck accident claim instead of handling the legalities yourself. You need the assistance of experienced personal injury lawyers to build a strong claim for a fair settlement.

At Judd Shaw Injury Law, we are committed to safeguarding our clients’ rights. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can advocate for you and your loved ones. Contact our New Jersey legal team at (866) 909-6894 or send a message to schedule your free consultation.

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