Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend

by Staff Blogger | May 22nd, 2020

While this Memorial Day weekend is different than in years past, we hope you have a great holiday weekend! Stay safe and have a great start to summer!

Top Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents in New Jersey

by Staff Blogger | April 28th, 2020

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injury in the United States. This is particularly true in a state as population dense and with as many drivers as New Jersey. According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, an average of 320,000 crashes are reported per year in the state.

New Jersey State Police say there have been 10 fatalities in Monmouth County alone in 2020. In Middlesex and Ocean counties, there have been 17 and 9 fatalities, respectively. With the busy roads that the summer months bring, we all need to be increasingly careful and aware of our surroundings when driving on busy toll roads. These include the Garden State Parkway, Atlantic City Expressway, and the New Jersey Turnpike, as well as other highways such as Route 70, Route 36, Route 18 and throughout busy towns like Eatontown, Toms River, Neptune, and Long Branch.

Accidents happen, but most are a result of human error and are preventable. It’s important to be knowledgeable of common auto accident causes in order to avoid being involved in such accidents.

Human Error

The good news about the majority of accidents being a result of human error is that we can each do our part to drive smarter and more carefully. We cannot prevent others from driving recklessly, but we can be alert and aware of those around us and avoid as many accidents as possible.

Distracted Drivers

In the age of the smartphone and touchscreen systems in most modern cars, drivers are often distracted at the wheel. It’s important to put phones down at all times and leave touch screens alone while driving, particularly on busy roads. While vehicle crashes, injuries, and deaths from vehicle crashes are all declining, crashes due to cell phone use continue to rise. Despite improved technology in our cars and laws put in place to prevent us from using our mobile devices while driving, crashes caused by cell phone use are only happening more often. As mobile devices become larger, more addicting, parts of our lives, it’s never been more important to remain focused on the road and the drivers around us.

Reckless Driving and Tailgating

Even when we aren’t distracted while driving, many of us still are very irresponsible behind the wheel. Driving recklessly, ignoring traffic laws, not using turn signals or checking blind spots, and tailgating are all careless driving habits. Not only do we need to be wary for ourselves while on the road, we need to give those around us an opportunity to react to us. If you plan to switch lanes, check your blind spot and signal before doing so, allowing whoever you may be switching in front of to slow down, giving you abundant space. Similarly, when we tailgate, we don’t give ourselves enough time to brake or move out of the way if an accident occurs in front of us, creating a domino effect that not only puts ourselves in harm’s way, but also the drivers we share the road with.

Young and Inexperienced Drivers

Many young and inexperienced drivers are far safer than the average driver. Unfortunately, even when being careful, many young drivers don’t know how to react in certain situations on the road. Actions like yielding and merging can be very stressful for those who lack the experience of older drivers, as it can be very tough to determine when to slow down or accelerate. When we drive, we need to be conscious of the simple fact that not everyone has the same skill level behind the wheel. As such, it’s important to be mindful of those around you and ready to react if a driver nearby makes a mistake. No matter how careful we are behind the wheel, we all make mistakes.

Unsafe Speeds

There’s a reason speed limits exist. Many experienced and inexperienced drivers have a tendency to ignore speed limits and go at their own pace, often resulting in driving at much higher speeds than anyone else on the road. People who drive below the speed limit, in particular on highways and other busy roads, also create unsafe conditions for other drivers. By going too fast or too slow, the entire flow of traffic may be disrupted, causing many to switch lanes, change speeds, or come to a stop entirely. It’s important that we drive at predictable and consistent speeds so that we all know what to expect on busy roads.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving is dangerous and difficult enough without bringing alcohol, drugs, and over-the-counter and prescription medications into the equation. Driving under the influence is simply dangerous and irresponsible. With buses, trains, and rideshare services like Uber and Lyft available just about anywhere, especially throughout New Jersey, it simply isn’t worth the risk of driving under the influence.

Medical Conditions

Medical conditions are often unexpected, but it is important to see your doctor and make sure you are healthy enough to drive.

Being Lost or Not Knowing the Local Laws

Being unfamiliar with your surroundings can be a huge problem and cause of accidents, especially in busy areas. Focusing on what’s in front of you and knowing when to stop or keep driving is more important than getting somewhere on time. You can always turn around if you miss your turn or stop, but not if you get in an accident making a late stop or turn.

Mechanical Failure

Sometimes cars simply fail or die. Make sure you get your car inspected often, so it is in the best condition possible.


No matter what time of year, weather can greatly affect the conditions of the roads and our ability to drive on them. In New Jersey, we really get a taste of all types of weather. Some of the weather conditions that have been known to cause accidents are rain, slow and sleet, icy roads, thick fog, and even bright sunshine. These weather conditions all affect driving in different ways, whether it’s our vision or how well the car drives. When the weather is bad, every driver on the road needs to be careful and aware of the road and those on it.

The trial attorneys at Judd Shaw Injury Law offer assistance to all motor vehicle accident victims in New Jersey and New York. If you are suffering from injuries sustained in an accident, call Judd Shaw now. If you do not recover, you pay no attorneys’ fees – that’s our No Fee Guarantee! Schedule a free initial consultation now by calling us at 732-888-8888 or emailing demandjudd@juddshawinjurylaw.com.

Originally published 12/03/19; updated 04/28/20

Valentine’s Day & National Donor Day

by Staff Blogger | February 11th, 2020

This Friday, on February 14, couples and loved ones across the country will celebrate Valentine’s Day. But what many people don’t know is it’s also National Donor Day. National Donor Day serves to spread awareness and education about organ, tissue, marrow, platelets, and blood donations. Every three days, a New Jersey resident dies while waiting for a transplant due to the fact that there aren’t enough donors to account for the amount of people waiting for a life-saving transplant. Of the 115,000 people in the United States waiting for a life-saving transplant, almost 4,000 are New Jersey residents. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we at Judd Shaw Injury Law think it’s important we all sign up to be organ donors.

According to organdonor.gov, 95% of US adults support organ donation. Unfortunately, many of these people haven’t actually taken the time to register as organ donors. Only 58% of US adults are signed up as donors. It’s great that more than half of US adults are registered organ donors; however, in Montana (93% of population is registered), Alaska (92%), and Washington (89%), almost every adult is a registered organ donor. In New Jersey, there are almost 7 million legal adults but fewer than 3 million NJ residents are registered organ donors. That means less than half of the legal adults in New Jersey are registered organ donors.

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day by registering to be an organ donor. One organ donor can potentially save eight lives. With the ability to do this much good, there’s no reason the majority of NJ residents aren’t registered organ donors. If you’re unsure whether or not you’re an organ donor, simply check your driver’s license, where it should say “Organ Donor” in the bottom right corner. If it doesn’t say “Organ Donor” on your license, then please visit your local DMV or the NJ Sharing Network website in order to register as an organ donor. In just a few minutes, you can become eligible to save one or even a few of the nearly 4,000 New Jersey residents awaiting a life-saving transplant. As an organ donor, there’s no telling how many people you can give a second chance at life.

Stay Safe This January

by Staff Blogger | January 7th, 2020

We all know that January is usually the harshest month of the winter. It’s the time of year when temperatures drop, snow falls, and surfaces become covered in ice. It’s important to stay safe, be aware of your surroundings, and make the necessary adjustments to avoid injury. Whether the temperatures just happen to be a bit lower than usual or if it becomes an all-out blizzard, we are all susceptible to the dangers of winter.

It’s important to be aware of and prepared for the troubles of winter in New Jersey before it’s too late. Winters in Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex Counties are very unpredictable and it’s impossible to know when we might get hit with bad weather. Unfortunately, we can’t just stay at home and wait for summer. Even if we could, we still might not manage to avoid what January brings. Here are some of the most important steps to take in order to ensure your safety this winter.

Keep a Safe and Warm Home

Most of us love staying home with a nice mug of hot cocoa and a blanket in January, so we might as well ensure our comfort and safety for those lazy Sundays on the couch. Be sure to install weather stripping, insulation, and storm windows to prevent the elements from getting through your doors and windows. It’s also important to check that your heating systems are clean, ventilated, and working properly. It’s important to stay warm, but we also need to be careful of the potential dangers that come from heating our homes.

Prepare Your Car

Many of us use our cars to get everywhere. We need to keep our cars reliable and safe for this time of year. Don’t forget to replace your tires with snow tires, use a windshield wiper fluid that won’t freeze, and replace your windshield wipers and headlights if needed so you can see when it’s snowing out.

When Leaving the House

As much as we don’t want to when the weather is poor, sometimes we have no choice but to leave the house. When going outside make sure you dress warm. Wear a few layers, a thick winter coat, winter hat, and thick socks and gloves to prevent against frostbite, numbness, and hypothermia. Being outside and underdressed for just a few minutes when conditions are bad can still cause damage so it’s always important to bundle up. For those who work outside and have to work in some tough conditions, it can never hurt to bring a few changes of clothes in order to stay warm and dry.

Once Precautions Have Been Taken

No matter how prepared you are this winter, there’s going to be those who are not. Be careful of your surroundings to avoid careless drivers, slipping on ice, and poorly maintained buildings, cars, and outdoor surfaces. No matter how careful you are accidents may still occur. If you’re injured do not hesitate to reach us 732-888-8888 or by emailing demandjudd@juddshawinjurylaw.com.

Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday with These Tips from Judd Shaw Injury Law

by Staff Blogger | December 27th, 2019

The Holiday Season can be a busy and stressful time, which can lead to unhealthy and damaging habits. Here at Judd Shaw Injury Law, we want everyone to be safe and healthy with friends and family. So, we thought we could outline some health tips for the holiday season to keep you having fun and enjoying time with your loved ones.

Try to Avoid Overindulging

Great food and drinks are a part of the holiday season for many, but try to enjoy them in moderation. Some people overeat and drink due to stress, and that is not healthy for you. Just remember, pace yourself, but also enjoy yourself.

Get Plenty of Rest

The key to keeping stress down is making sure you get your rest. If you allow yourself to get run down, it can really affect your holiday and become a problem. Make sure to get your eight hours of sleep and stay rested to maximize fun!

Stay Active

Make sure to get up and do things around the holidays. It is very easy to find yourself sitting and talking with people all day, but make sure to go on walks or find something active to do to keep you going.

Travel Safely

This is the busiest time of the year for travel. Make sure you have well outlined plans for traveling, and allow yourself enough time to get to where you are going. It will relieve stress if you are able to calmly and safely get to your loved ones.

From all of us here at Judd Shaw Injury Law, we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. We work hard all year so we can enjoy time with our family and friends this time of year.

The holiday season is a very happy time for many, and we hope that you are able to find that happiness as well. 2020 is a new year, and here at Judd Shaw Injury Law, we plan on it being our best year yet. We look forward to the New Year and all the great surprises that it can bring!

Happy Holidays!

Last Minute Gift Ideas to Remind Them of New Jersey

by Staff Blogger | December 17th, 2019

As the holiday season approaches, people scramble for last-minute gifts that they may have missed or because they were unsure of what to get for that special someone. Many people from Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex County take great pride in where they are from. So, what better gift to give them than something that reminds them of home. Time is getting short, but if you act now, you can still grab a few of these great gift ideas!


New Jersey Wine Cork Map

If you know a wine lover, this could be a great decorative gift that gets some good use. As they say, every cork tells a story!

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NJ Custom License Plate T-Shirt

What better way to get a personal New Jersey gift than to customize a T-Shirt in the License Plate of their favorite state. With up to 15 characters to use, most names will fit and will be sure to please the person who gets it.

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New Jersey Points of Interest Posters

The posters cover many different areas of the Jersey Shore and allow you to pick more colors and designs. These can make a great gift if you get one personalized to their favorite Middlesex County town or Monmouth or Ocean County beach.

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Whatever you decide on, gifts that have meaning associated with them are always a plus. Especially if they are tied to home, whether it is Monmouth County, Ocean County, or anywhere in New Jersey. Here at Judd Shaw Injury Law, we wish you Happy Holidays and a safe and happy New Year!


Avoiding Slip and Fall Incidents Around Town

by Staff Blogger | December 12th, 2019

As you travel and shop around this holiday season, whether it be trips to the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown or The Jersey Shore Premium Outlets in Tinton Falls, you will certainly encounter slick and icy conditions. One of the leading causes of personal injury in Monmouth and Ocean County during the holiday season is falls on slick or icy sidewalks and roadways. With the snowstorm in the area last week, it might be good to review some safety tips on avoiding these possibly serious accidents.

Watch for Wet/Muddy/Icy Surfaces

While walking into shopping centers and through parking lots, there may be snow, ice, mud, or oil that make the ground slippery. Make sure to watch where you are walking and be sure to never run in parking lots. The more cautious you are, the better the chances that you and your family will avoid serious injuries.

Avoid Checking Your Phone While Walking

Paying close attention to where you’re going is key to avoiding slips and dangerous situations while moving through a parking lot or shopping area. Some people tend to look at their phones while walking to check their social media or respond to texts, but that can be dangerous as you are not giving your full attention to where you are walking.

Wear the Proper Footwear for the Season

When going out in potentially hazardous conditions, remember to wear boots or other footwear that allow you to get good traction and stay balanced, no matter what you have to walk through. Heels or other fancy shoes may not mix well with slippery or dangerous conditions, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Using these tips, you are more likely to stay safe and have a happy and healthy holiday. That being said, accidents do happen. If you or someone you know slips and is injured, call Judd Shaw Injury Law at (732) 888-8888 or visit DemandJudd.com to see if you have a case. We are here to defend injured victims in Monmouth and Ocean County and to get you the compensation you deserve. And remember, Demand Justice, Demand Judd.

Holiday Travel? Beat the Traffic!

by Staff Blogger | November 26th, 2019

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of year, and that means traffic will be rough for those looking to get to their loved ones. People use planes, trains, and automobiles to get where they need to go, and that can lead to overcrowding on roads and other transportation services. Make sure you plan accordingly to beat the traffic and get safely and soundly to your destination this holiday season.

Thanksgiving itself is one of the largest commuter holidays of the year. According to AAA,  roughly 55 million Americans will travel to get to where they plan on spending the holiday, which is the largest number since 2005. With over 48 million of them taking to the roadways to drive, there are bound to be some major delays all over the state of New Jersey. Here in Monmouth County alone, roads like the Garden State Parkway, I-195, Route 9, Route 18, and Route 36 all expect to have major delays because of sheer volume. Going down to Ocean County, you will see the same delays on the GSP and Route 9, as well as Route 70, Route 37, and Route 35.

Delays on the roadways could be major, and are expected to be the worst on Wednesday afternoon, when drivers get out of work and try to get to where they are going as soon as they can. So, if these times can be avoided, it may be best for your safety and your sanity. As someone who drives all the time, traffic can be one of the most frustrating things you experience in day-to-day life. To cut down on stress this holiday season, plan out your travels ahead of time to try to avoid these high surge times and areas.

While on the road, accidents happen. With so many cars out there for the holidays, there are bound to be many accidents with people rushing to get to where they need to be. At Judd Shaw Injury Law, we want everyone in Bergen, Passaic, Union, Middlesex, Monmouth and Ocean counties and throughout New Jersey to have a safe and happy holiday. In the event something does happen and you think you are entitled to compensation, please call us at 732-888-8888 to speak with a representative. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Safety Tips for Driving During Deer Season

by Staff Blogger | November 21st, 2019

Every year when the temperature starts to drop in Monmouth County, NJ, deer are seen around highways and neighborhoods. As a motorist, it is your responsibility to be alert and drive safely to avoid collisions with these animals and other drivers. In this article, we discuss ways to prevent accidents with deer in our area and how you can save lives by following six simple steps on the roads.

In Monmouth and Ocean Counties alone, we see accidents every day around this time of year when deer start grazing around the highways and roads. Sometimes deer are hard to see, especially at night, so staying alert is one of the most important things you can do. According to 94.3 The Point, Colts Neck, Marlboro, Manalapan, & Freehold are some of the most dangerous places for driving from dawn ‘til dusk. Routes 18 & 33 are especially crowded with deer, and cause many of the issues all over Monmouth County. Other areas such as Ocean County, Jackson, Toms River, and Lacey are very common for accidents as well. Route 195 and the Garden State Parkway are some of the most deer populated areas in the County.

How to Stay Safe

  • Stay Alert: While driving at night, make sure to stay alert to not only the road, but what is happening all around you. Deer usually don’t travel alone, so if you see one, there are likely more around.
  • Slow Down: When you do see a deer, slow down. If you slow down, you will have a better chance of being able to avoid an accident. Deer are unpredictable. Speaking from experience, even slowing down will not always save you from an accident, but it will certainly give you a better chance of avoidance.
  • Use High Beams: If you are alone on a dark road, use your high beams to give yourself a larger field of vision. This may make the difference in seeing a deer in time to stop and getting in an accident.
  • Do Not Swerve to Avoid: If you find yourself in a scenario where a deer is in front of you, do not swerve to avoid. Swerving can put yourself and other motorists in serious danger. Many of the roads you may see deer on (Garden State Parkway, Route 18, Route 33) are crowded and you may find motorists all around you.
  • Always Wear a Seatbelt: In the event that you get in an accident with an animal, your seatbelt could save your life. It is one of the most important safety tips for any motorist, and really could save a life.
  • Call 911 if an Accident Occurs: Alerting the police and/or paramedics to an accident can help keep you safe and allow you or others to get medical attention if there are injuries.

Using these tips, you just may be able to prevent accidents in Monmouth and Ocean Counties and keep yourself out of harm’s way. Accidents happen, and here at Judd Shaw Injury Law, we would like to prevent as many accidents as possible. While you are driving this holiday season, stay safe, stay alert, and stay healthy!

Did you know? Injuries sustained in an accident with a deer are covered under your New Jersey PIP policy. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our attorneys at Judd Shaw Injury Law by dialing (732) 888-8888!

Can a Motorcyclist Injured While Lane-Splitting Recover in a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawsuit?

by Adam Callahan | June 11th, 2018

Lane-splitting – or the act of a motorcyclist riding the dotted lines between lanes of traffic on a street or highway – is not specifically prohibited by statute in New Jersey, nor is it specifically allowed either. That said, the New Jersey state driver’s manual implies that it is not allowed, and New Jersey law enforcement can cite motorcyclists for failing to stay in a lane.

At the same time, however, many motorcycle advocacy groups point out how lane-splitting can protect the safety of motorcyclists who are worried about being rear-ended by careless drivers, and can even promote traffic efficiency by not taking up a full space in a lane.

Lane-splitting of course does not fully prevent motorcycle accidents from occurring, especially where a careless driver swerves across lanes without noticing the motorcyclist. When such an accident occurs, the driver and/or his insurance company (or attorney) may try to argue that the motorcyclist cannot recover in a New Jersey motorcycle accident personal injury lawsuit, but this is not necessarily the case.

Why Lane-Splitting May Not Bar Your New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Recovery

When a motorcycle accident collision occurs with a car or truck, there are generally three possibilities for why it occurred:

    • It was the fault of the driver
    • It was the fault of the motorcyclist

It was the fault of both the driver and the motorcyclist

“Fault” here means that there was a careless and/or unlawful action taken which led to the collision. This could include drunk driving, changing lanes without a turn signal, speeding, swerving, texting while driving, and other traffic violations. Again, whether or not lane-splitting is necessarily going to be considered careless is somewhat vague in New Jersey.

But let’s assume for a moment that it is determined that lane-splitting is careless, such that the collision was at least partly the fault of the motorcycle. If the driver was also careless in causing the accident – such as by not using a turn signal or failing to notice the motorcyclist – then both the motorcyclist and the driver could be considered at fault.

In such shared-fault cases, New Jersey employs what is called “modified comparative negligence” to determine whether a motorcyclist can recover, and for how much of his injuries. Under this rule, the motorcyclist can still recover in a personal injury lawsuit so long as his fault was not greater than that of the driver who also played a part in causing the accident

That said, the motorcyclist’s recovery will be reduced by his portion of fault. Thus, if a motorcyclist suffers $100,000 in injuries (based on calculation of medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering), but it is determined he was 30% at fault, then he can recover $70,000.

Obviously, determining who was at fault and by what percentage in a split-second motorcycle accident can be quite complex, and, thus, if you are injured in a New Jersey motorcycle accident, you are encouraged to reach out to a New Jersey personal injury attorney as soon as possible to begin the process of investigating the matter and building your best case for recovery.

Call a New Jersey / New York Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Judd Shaw Injury Law have won over millions in compensation for our clients, and we are here to stand by your side as your allies and champions in winning the recovery you deserve from all potential defendants. Contact us today to speak to a personal injury attorney about your motorcycle accident.