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Bob O Connor’s Car Accident Testimonial | Judd Shaw Injury Law

Donald Ayres

Danny & Jojo

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I needed a lawyer because I was involved in a car accident back in 2016. My experience with Judd Shaw Injury Law™ was great. My lawyer was very respectful and friendly.

– S.H.N

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If you want a lawyer that fights for you and gets results this is the place, look no further! Judd Shaw went above and beyond my expectations . The whole team at Judd Shaw was extremely professional making sure to update me throughout my case and always checking in to see how I was doing. I want to thank Amber, Amy, Keren and of course Judd Shaw himself!I Highly Recommend Judd Shaw Injury Law™!

– K.C.

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I feel I had a wonderful safe experience where my needs were met without hesitation. I felt respected and not ashamed because I had an accident.

– S.C.

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Very helpful staff! I needed to find an out of state lawyer for my case and they advised me on my next steps when I called, no charge. Lovely woman I spoke with, great experience.

– L.M.C.

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I was driving down the street between 10th and 14th Ave. A moving truck came past my right side and ran me into the middle of the street. I didn’t know how to handle this situation alone, but they helped me even when I forgot about the case. They kept me aware and on my toes. They were wonderful.

– J.C.

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I’m very impressed with the exceptional service and compassion that I received as a client of Judd Shaw law firm. From beginning until the very end I was constantly informed of every step that involved my case. I’m very pleased that I had the pleasure to work with Amy. Amy is a living angel and I will forever be grateful for having met her, she was always so kind and her energy is what I needed on bad days. Thank you so much for the wonderful service your firm provided me and also please . Again a special Thank you to my living angel (Amy)

– K.F.

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Responsive, caring, know the law.

– P.P.

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Judd Shaw is our medical practice Arbitration attorney and he is awesome. And he has some amazing people working for him. Christina taught me a lot about arbs. Nicole is very serious about her job and Ivonne (the lady of many colors) is always welcome to come work with us.😊 They represent well ✅

– D.M.

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I needed a lawyer because I had an accident. My experience with Judd Shaw Injury Law™ was very good.

– E.P.

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