$400,000 Settlement to Fall Victim

Judd Shaw Injury Law™’s client (“P.L.”) slipped on a wet surface exiting a New Jersey train, causing P.L. to rupture his quadriceps tendon. P.L. was scheduled for surgery within days of the slip and fall, but because P.L. was weight-bearing only on one side, P.L.’s other quadriceps tore. After surgery, P.L. had a long recovery including in-patient physical therapy and home therapy. Through the use of Judd Shaw’s expert, Judd Shaw Injury Law™ was able to establish the safety standards for a moving train. Judd Shaw alleged that Defendant knew or should have known about this dangerous condition and neglected to make the appropriate action. Judd Shaw Injury Law™ obtained a $400,000.00 settlement on behalf of P.L.