Ironworkers are known to be fearless. Climbing high infrastructures and building something from absolutely nothing is dangerous and hard work.

Construction workers alone have one of the deadliest jobs out there, but ironworkers especially take the cake on this one. There are so many risk factors that come into play.

According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, ironwork ranks in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the United States. It’s a necessary job, but one that also requires precision and knowledge. Add in the fact that as an ironworker, you are risking your life every single day.

Here are some of the most common dangers and injuries individuals can face in the ironwork industry.


When you are dealing with heavy, thick, and sharp metal, an injury like a cut is bound to occur at some point. The tools that are used to cut the iron itself are dangerous and can cause cuts and deep wounds to the skin. It could even cause a loss of limb. Being alert is so important when you are in a dangerous situation.


Burns are also a very common injury that occurs in the ironwork industry. Most of the workers are using welding tools, and this obviously requires extremely hot temperatures. There are always flammable materials on this type of job site, so be sure to protect yourself from burns of this kind.

Muscle Strain

As an ironworker, you will be dealing with large pieces of steel and metal. There will be heavy lifting involved while also having to maintain your balance. A muscle strain is a possible outcome in most cases.


This is the most dangerous, if not the most deadly type of injury that could occur. In most cases, an ironworker will be performing tasks several feet above ground.

There is no ironworker season, as ironworkers work year-round. In the case of inclement weather, there is a possibility of a slip and fall occurring from high above ground. This can lead to severe injury and even death in some cases.

Ironworkers are essential to our country, so know the dangers and protect yourself and your loved ones!

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