Good companies meet your expectations. But, it’s the truly great companies that defy your expectations and leave you saying “Wow!” Which one do you want to be?

Welcome to Working The Wow, formerly The Judd Shaw Way, where we believe providing an exceptional client experience is just as important as delivering a quality service or product.

From secret tips for creating unforgettable “Wow” moments to proven customer service tactics, join Personal Injury Law Firm founder and entrepreneur Judd Shaw on your journey from simply doing a “good job” to making them say “Wow!”

We often see stress as a negative and do everything in our power to get rid of it. We vilify the people who cause us stress, and this puts leaders in a bad spot. Why? Because you cannot lead without using stress as one of your tools.  When your employees become stressed and start feeling […]
Every lawyer should continue learning, improving, and honing their skills. What’s on the calendar to help you level up this year?  Get ready for one of the most anticipated events of 2022: Trial Lawyers University’s Live Vegas 2022 conference.  Dan Ambrose is here to share all of the details, from dates, to speakers, to connection […]
Allen Tittle loves serving his community — both inside and outside of the courtroom. He grew up in Ohio, went to law school in Ohio, and now serves the people of Ohio, both as an attorney and as a passionate volunteer.  Allen says “there’s no better feeling” than being able to positively impact the lives […]
Jennifer Gore has always been on a mission to improve in everything she does. Whether it’s parenting, mentoring, or running her law firm, Jennifer strives to be the best that she can be.  Early in her career, Jennifer was working as a paralegal while attending night school, eventually becoming the student body president. And her […]
Steve Moss had two passions throughout his career: one was building brands, and the other was helping build people’s careers. After brand building in his corporate career, Steve decided to start a mentorship organization to give others the tools they need to excel in their professions.  Thus, Executive Springboard was created. But why did Steve […]
It’s easy for younger, inexperienced lawyers to give in to their fear of trial and stay in their zone of safety. But the truth is, if you want to build a reputation, you have to muster up the courage to take risks and prove that you’ll fight for your client. Following in the footsteps of […]
When it comes to running a law firm, there are plenty of tasks you have to balance. But ultimately, your business can’t run without clients. So, in this hyper-competitive injury marketplace, what can you do to connect with potential clients and keep your name on the tip of the community’s tongue? Darryl “The Hammer” Isaacs […]
Many defense lawyers are outstanding presenters and quick on their feet, but Keith Mitnik says they’re painting by numbers: they have a set strategy and go-to arguments. But if you can knock them off of their paint-by-number strategy, they’re lost. So how exactly do you counter their tactics? After practically living in the courtroom, Keith […]
Resilience is key to survive in a world full of hardships. It allows you to adapt and recover from whatever life throws your way, giving you the strength to move forward, find light in the darkness, and master your fate. Although you can be born with resilience in your blood, it’s also a skill set […]
There’s one thing that fitness gyms, law firms, or any other service business has in common: customers who come to you not because they want to — but because they have to. Every business wants clients who are eager to partner with them, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Some customers are directed toward […]
How do you grow your law firm, carry on a legacy, and generate success year after year? Following in the footsteps of his father who fled Cuba and became a compassionate attorney, Alex De Castroverde had some big shoes to fill. As Alex learned early on, success doesn’t happen overnight. However, a few key principles […]
When people search on Google, they’re likely to be faced with pages and pages of choices. So how do you stand out from the crowd, ensure that people click on your website, and eventually convert them into clients? You have to utilize SEO strategies the right way. The first step is getting your site to […]
No matter where they are in the country, clients have one expectation that defines their experience with your law firm. They want to know that you’ll do what you say you’ll do. How you do that can be the difference between a wow experience or an underwhelming, never-going-back-there again experience.   It starts with the small […]
It takes more than pixie dust to shape a great culture, engage your team, and create a magical experience for your clients.  For Dan Cockerell, the magic began when he took on the role of Operations Manager at Disney’s All-Star Resorts. But it didn’t play out as you’d expect: instead of beginning his role as […]
Imagine this: it’s 9/11, you’re the leader of a Disney theme park with ten thousand guests inside. The news of the terrorist attacks broke, and you’re scared your park could be a target. There’s also the concern that if guests get wind of the report, there could be a stampede at the park’s exit.  To […]
Walt Disney World is known for captivating the hearts of guests and giving them a magical, first-class experience. But it turns out that creating a memorable experience isn’t solely in the hands of Disney. No matter what industry you’ve built your business in, you can create a remarkable experience for your clients. Former Executive Vice […]
You may have heard of the Pareto Principle — also known as the 80/20 rule. But do you know how to utilize this principle to generate maximum value for your business? At its core, the Pareto Principle is about identifying an entity’s best assets and using them to create maximum value. The rule states that […]
Emotional intelligence (EI) is often brushed off as a “soft skill” and disregarded in the workplace. However, Bill Biggs is here to emphasize how EI can accelerate performance in both leadership and team activities. Why is EI so important, and how can you help your team develop these skills to deliver better customer service? Bill […]
To deliver a great client experience, you need the right people on your team — but you also need the right processes to help your team thrive. So how do you decide what needs a process? And how should you go about developing these processes? According to Venus Tahmasebi, running a business is all operational. […]
When done right, culture has the potential to be a real competitive advantage for your business. But how do you build a culture by design and not by default? Intentional or not, every company has a culture — whether it’s good, bad, or somewhere in between. If you don’t like your culture, there’s one area […]
If your firm has a bottleneck in your path toward growth, a consultant may be just what you need to get under the hood and uncover underlying issues. As a CPA-turned-consultant, Tim McKey understands that data and numbers really matter in a law firm. As an accountant, he was taught that numbers don’t lie, but […]
Customer service is the new marketing strategy. So what can your business do to elevate the client experience and use it to drive results?Brands like Amazon and Zappos are focusing their efforts on incredible customer service to attract both new and loyal customers — because the client experience can make or break your business. If […]
When your company is in its early stages, the leadership team often wears many hats. However, as your company evolves, your leadership roles need to evolve as well. This often means that leaders need to let go and delegate — otherwise you run the risk of restraining business growth. Letting go can be difficult, no […]
Existing and past clients and customers have a significant impact on your business, and they can easily become your best marketing strategy. That’s why there’s nothing better than having happy, satisfied clients. But how do you serve their needs — especially in the era of constant digital transformation? Weaving together people, processes, and technology, Josh […]
We all need empathy. It’s what connects us, makes us feel seen, and helps us understand the different experiences of humanity. Empathy is an emotional investment that can help us appreciate what others are feeling and offer support on a deeper level. But why do we need empathy when it comes to business? You’ve probably […]

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