Sterling The Knight

Firm Mascot & Knight In Shining Armor

Sterling the Knight has a long standing reputation for fighting for justice. With a commitment to respecting the law and defending others with bravery and honor, Sterling the Knight truly takes pride in protecting the best interests of others, upholding the highest ethical standards, and defending the welfare of all. For additional information on having Sterling at your next event, email judd@juddshawinjurylaw.com to request a Sterling appearance.

It was his early days when Sterling first became a knight. Eventually, Sterling’s adventures led him to Judd Shaw Injury Law™, where his goal is to promote our firm’s core values – namely, to be our clients’ knight in shining armor and to be chivalrous to our communities; a goal he meets on a daily basis fighting on behalf of clients for justice and impacting their lives in a positive way.

Between his love for children and families, Sterling was thrilled to hear that his stories growing up around Vosk Castle with his best friend Maxton would be made into a famous series.

As the first story in Judd B. Shaw’s Sterling the Knight series of medieval adventures, Sterling and Nugget the Dragon teaches how kindness is mightier than the sword.

In a land far away, many fear a dragon named Nugget—including Sterling, a brave young boy, who dreams of becoming a knight. Sterling sets out to slay the dragon, until his quest presents him with a choice: fight or help. In choosing kindness and compassion, Sterling becomes a true knight.

Learn more at sterlingtheknight.com, and follow Sterling at:

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