Highly publicized news stories of recent years have highlighted the fact that, while the vast majority of law enforcement officers strive to honor the people they are sworn to protect, there are numerous cases of citizens having their civil rights being trampled on by law enforcement through police brutality, racial profiling, and other unconstitutional actions.

Fortunately, victims of unconstitutional acts by city, state, or federal law enforcement officer have the right to bring lawsuits against those parties (and their employers in some cases) through a “Section 1983” lawsuit. The civil rights attorneys of Judd Shaw Injury Law™ in New Jersey work with individuals to aggressively pursue justice and financial recovery in Section 1983 lawsuits by seeking the following types of damages.

Medical Bills and Property Damage

If a police officer’s unconstitutional actions (i.e. physically assaulting you) result in your needing medical care, you can recover the cost of all medical bills caused by the incident, as well as related costs such as in-home medical equipment and care.

You may also pursue the costs of damages to property such as your home or vehicle that result from unconstitutional police actions.

Lost Income

Victims of police brutality and other unconstitutional action may find that they lose income, perhaps due to physical or emotional injuries or another reason related to the civil rights violation. Plaintiffs in Section 1983 actions can recover the cost of their lost income.

Emotional Damages, including Pain and Suffering

It is also common for victims of civil rights violations to experience emotional losses. This could be pain and suffering related to physical injuries incurred from police, or it could also include the ongoing trauma and loss of enjoyment of life related to the injustice occurring. Your attorney can and should pursue the full cost of your relevant emotional losses in any Section 1983 claim.

Punitive Damages

One of the most prominent aspects of a Section 1983 financial recovery can be punitive damages ordered against a civil rights offender and/or his employer. The purpose of punitive damages is to make an example of wrong behavior and deter other organizations and individuals from taking similar actions. Punitive damages are thus quite high, when awarded, and can often be in the millions of dollars.

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