Dump trucks are used in a variety of industries to haul materials and debris from one site to another. Each type of dump truck has a different purpose.

The types of dump trucks being used include the:

  • Standard dump truck
  • Super dump truck
  • Transfer dump truck
  • Winter dump truck
  • Side dump truck
  • Semi-truck trailer end dump truck
  • Haul dump truck
  • Semi-truck trailer bottom dump truck
  • Articulated haul dump truck

There are as many uses for dump trucks as there are types of machines. These powerful vehicles can be used in mining and construction to haul dirt, rocks, concrete, and gravel. Many cities in the north use a type of dump truck during the winter months, complete with a plow to clear snow. While dump trucks are essential to our economy, they can pose dangerous hazards on the roadway.

Common Dangers Posed by Dump Trucks

When used properly, dump trucks are used for hauling different types of materials from one site to another. The problem is that these immense trucks can cause many problems for unsuspecting motorists.

Heavy weight

The average dump truck can weigh as much as 56,000 pounds when empty. Add in a full load of material, which can add an additional 28,000 pounds. A fully loaded dump truck, therefore, can weigh as much as 84,000 pounds.

Vehicles this heavy can pose serious risks to other drivers. Dump truck drivers have little room for mistakes as their stopping distance is severely compromised.

Loose material

One of the more dangerous hazards of dump trucks is the loose material they carry, often placed into an open trailer. Most of the substances inside are in small pieces, like rocks, pieces of cement, or gravel.

When moving fast down an interstate, a small bump in the road can cause one of these pieces to fall out of the trailer. In some cases, this debris can hit a windshield or pedestrian at high speeds, causing severe injuries.

Operating on busy construction sites

Dump trucks are commonly found at construction sites being used to move debris. These areas can be chaotic with numerous dangers present. On site, you may discover other heavy machinery like cranes, and bulldozers, which cause noise and distraction. Anyone driving a massive truck cannot afford to be distracted or else risk injuring others.

Improperly weighed loads

Just like semi-truck loads, dump trucks that are improperly loaded or even overloaded can cause several issues. If a dump truck is loaded incorrectly on uneven ground, it can tip over. If one side of the truck is heavier, it is more likely to tip over on the road during a fast or abrupt turn.

Overloaded trucks can put extra weight and pressure on tires and axles beyond capacity, causing these parts to wear down more quickly. If a truck is overloaded, the driver has the responsibility of asking to have some of the materials removed.

Driving through residential areas

Some construction zones are necessary for residential areas. Neighborhoods often have a smaller road capacity, making travel through these areas difficult. Add in kids playing in the street, joggers, and bike riders – and you may have a recipe for disaster. Dump truck drivers are high up in their seats, making it difficult to see pedestrians below them. Loose material can also damage vehicles on the street or following closely behind.

Causes of Dump Truck Accidents

While dump trucks can be dangerous on their own, a variety of factors may instigate an accident. Whether it is mechanical issues, negligence, operator error, or bad weather, these issues can cause injuries and even death.

The following factors can contribute to dump truck accidents:

Regardless of the reason, if you were injured in an accident with a dump truck, call Judd Shaw Injury Law immediately. We will help you find the compensation you deserve.

Who Can Be Held Liable After a Dump Truck Accident?

It is common to blame the other driver for a collision, but some incidents may be outside all parties’ control. Considering the many possible causes of a dump truck accident, more than one entity can be responsible.

Truck driver

The truck driver is responsible for driving his truck safely in all conditions. His negligence alone might be what caused the accident. Maybe he was eating while driving, texting, or simply not paying attention. You can hold the dump truck driver responsible if this is the case.

Trucking company

The company that hires workers and dispatches trucks is responsible for ensuring vehicles are in safe working order. This includes hiring drivers who know how to safely operate the machines.

Dump truck company ownership responsibilities include:

  • Hiring safe drivers who are adequately trained
  • Conducting appropriate background checks on drivers
  • Ensuring drivers perform daily pre-and-post trip inspections on trucks
  • Inspecting and maintaining dump trucks and their parts properly and regularly
  • Checking logbooks to enforce limited driving hours regulated by the government

Government agency

The dump truck might not be owned by a private company but by a government agency. For example, the city or state may be in charge of the types of dump trucks used to plow your streets in the winter. Government agencies have the same responsibilities as private owners.

Dump truck designers, manufacturers, or repair shops

Occasionally, an accident can be caused by a defect in the trucks themselves. The problem may have started with the design of the truck or while that truck was being manufactured. Other issues may occur after a repair is completed. The part used in the repair may be defective or the repair itself inadequate. If there was a defect, your lawyer can help you determine where it began and who should be held responsible.

Injuries Caused by Dump Truck Accidents

Injuries are often severe after an accident with any type of considerable truck. According to the NHTSA, 69 percent of all injuries after a collision with a large truck were occupants in the other vehicle. 29 percent of the injuries were occupants of the large truck. Only 3 percent were pedestrians and others. There is a reason why the numbers are skewed in favor of large trucks. They are much larger and weigh more than the average passenger vehicle on the road.

Types of injuries caused by dump trucks include:

  • Spinal injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Loss of limbs
  • Lacerations
  • Contusions
  • Internal injuries

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