Distracted driving is a big issue among drivers all over the United States. Driving is a daily task, so it can be easy to get distracted from the road in front of you.

There are so many other things going on outside of your car, as well as inside your car. There are numerous items which you carry in your purse or personal bag that can cause you to become distracted. There are also situations that can occur outside of your car on the road that can cause you to be a distracted driver.

There are four different types of distracted driving to look out for. The following tips can help you protect yourself as well as your loved ones when you’re driving.


This occurs when you are looking at something other than the road ahead of you. This could be looking at a pedestrian or fellow driver, or it could be you simply looking at the clouds that day. Whatever visual aspect that causes you to take your eyes off the road is a disturbance and therefore falls under the visual category.


Manual distracted driving is when you manipulate or touch something with your hands that is not the steering wheel or a part of the car that operates your vehicle. This can include things like picking up your cell phone, changing the radio station, or adjusting the visor mirror. Anytime you use your hands for anything other than operating your vehicle, it is considered manual distracted driving.


If your eyes and hands are physically on the wheel/road, so should your brain and thoughts. It may not seem that important, but it really is. If you are lost in thought or “daydreaming” while driving, you could miss something important that happened on the road and cause a serious accident. This could result in trauma, injury, or even death for all parties involved. A clear mind is necessary before driving, and your senses should be fired up and ready to take on your drive. Do not get behind the wheel if your mind is distracted and you are unable to concentrate on the road in front of you.


This type of distracted driving occurs when you are hearing or listening to something that is not the road. This doesn’t mean you have to sit in a silent car when you drive, because who wants to do that? What this means is listen to music at an appropriate volume. Don’t’ turn your music or audio up so loud that you can’t hear what’s going on outside of your car. When you are behind the wheel, you need to be able to see and hear everything around you. You are operating a moving vehicle, and if you can’t hear a siren or a horn beeping at you, then you are participating in auditory distracted driving.

Know the types of distraction and educate yourself before an accident occurs!

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