The #metoo movement has highlighted what many people have long known: that sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace has been with us for decades, and, while improvements have been made, many thousands of individuals continue to suffer the effects of sexual harassment and discrimination. Of course, harassment and sexual discrimination can victimize both men and women, but, no matter who you are, you have the power to fight back through an employment-based lawsuit. You should speak with an experienced employment lawyer if you believe you have experienced any of the following five signs of sexual discrimination at work, which constitute only a few of the potential signs of discrimination.

Less Qualified Members of the Opposite Sex Are Being Promoted Over You

It is a violation of both federal and state law to promote one employee over another based on their gender. While people of different sexes may have different qualifications such as education and experience which make one employee more likely to be promoted than another, if you see that employees of the opposite sex are regularly being promoted while being less qualified than you, this may be a sign of sexual discrimination.

You Are Not Given Tasks You Are Able to Do Based on Your Gender

The tasks and duties you are given as an employee play a key part in your career, and often correlate with your ability to advance within an organization, earn more money, or gain the experience necessary to obtain another job elsewhere. Again, employers are prohibited from assigning tasks and duties based on gender, and, if this is occurring, you should consider speaking with an attorney.

Your Pay is Based on the Fact You Are Not Considered a “Breadwinner”

It used to be common for employers to pay women less than men based on the idea that men were “breadwinners” and thus needed higher pay. This violates federal employment law, and yet many employers persist in this discriminatory practice, although they often attempt to cover their tracks and prevent employees from learning about decisions behind pay. An employment attorney, however, can use investigative and litigation strategies to uncover this information.

Assignments, Benefits, and Promotions Are Based on a Sexual Quid Pro Quo

If you are ever asked to perform sexual favors – which can range from dressing in a certain way to having a sexual affair with a supervisor – as a quid pro quo exchange for a benefit at work, then this likely qualifies as sexual harassment, for which you can bring a claim. Benefits demanded or requested for sexual favors include higher pay, better job assignments, and so on.

Sexual and/or Sexist Comments are Tolerated in the Workplace

Outside of quid pro quo sexual harassment, employers are also prohibited from tolerating what is called a hostile work environment. This can include sexist and/or sexual comments made by coworkers which are not adequately addressed or prevented, obscene materials at work, and off-color jokes.

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