You probably can’t go a few blocks in New Jersey without seeing advertisements for personal injury attorneys on bus stops and billboards promoting their services, not to mention radio and TV commercials and the pages and pages of results that show up when you do a google search for “New Jersey personal injury attorneys.”

So how does one make sense of it all when trying to find a personal injury attorney right for the situation? And does it really even matter which New Jersey personal injury attorney you go with?

Absolutely. Not all personal injury attorneys are the same, and who work with can have enormous implications for the results of your case. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Is Personal Injury a Primary Focus of the Attorney’s Practice?

First off, let’s be clear that there are many, many New Jersey attorneys out there (as there are in every state) who just want and need clients, plain and simple, and so they will present themselves as being able to take on any case, whether it be a breach of contract matter, a divorce case, or a personal injury.

Does this mean they are not able to adequately represent you? Not necessarily, but a lawyer who presents himself as doing a little bit of everything in a bid to get any client he can may not have the same level of knowledge of personal injury as a firm that makes personal injury a primary aspect of its practice.  

What is the Attorney’s Experience in Personal Injury?

Following from the last point, you will want to evaluate potential attorneys to determine what their experience is in personal injury cases. Some attorneys take on a personal injury case here and there because they think it’s easy money to pick up a legal fee on a quick settlement for an injury (more on that below). But the truth is that winning maximum recovery in complex personal injury suits often requires many years of experience in investigation, the nuances of trial prep and trial advocacy, negotiation strategies, and finding and incorporating expert witnesses into the overall lawsuit strategy.

Do They Have a Track Record of Success in Winning Recovery?

All that said, an attorney’s experience is really just a means to an end, that end being winning you the maximum recovery that you are owed for your injuries.

Again, an attorney may want your case because it means picking up a quick settlement for your injuries, but what would you rather have: an attorney who spends a couple hours negotiating a $25,000 settlement, or an attorney who goes to the mat over months to win you the six- or seven-figure settlement or verdict you are truly owed for your injuries?

One way to approach this is to look at the attorney’s past successes. Have they won large verdicts and settlements for others in similar situations?

Do You Feel Comfortable With the Attorney?

While your focus should be on finding an attorney who is going to win the maximum recovery you are owed, you also should find an attorney with whom you feel comfortable. You are entrusting an attorney to make sure all of your losses are compensated as you go through what is likely a difficult time of pain, suffering, and financial certainty.

When speaking with attorneys, find one that makes you feel like your needs are being cared for and who has your best interests at heart.

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