RED BANK, New Jersey – Judd B. Shaw announces an exclusive subscription that teams the market­ leading strengths of each company to transform efficiency and client transparency through a new class of business/legal case management software bringing PIP­-App’s data analytics to the firm.

The relationship aims to redefine the way work will get done, address key industry challenges and spark true capabilities for the firm’s clients. The industry­ specific solutions developed exclusively from the ground up, seeks to include a client portal, provide real­time status notifications, integrate internal management tools and offer secure service and support tailored to the needs of our clients. Until now, no other web based legal software was designed exclusively for PIP No­Fault arbitration practice.

The web based system can transform specific aspects of how medical providers and firm employees work, allowing new levels of efficiency, effectiveness and client satisfaction ­ faster and easier than before.

We recognize how the phenomena of data and cloud is transforming business and our industry in historic ways. This alliance with PIP­-App will bring these innovations to our clients statewide, and leverage PIP­-App’s secure cloud, software and services. Forthright operates electronically, allows Demands to be filed online, has recently launched a mobile version that can be used from any tablet or phone, and enhanced its online portal with new technology through SettlementIQ. Our alliance with PIP-App will bring the same kind of transformation to the way we work and perform, so that we can operate seamlessly with Forthright’s process, speed and smart settlement solutions.

The firm also provides a secure client portal. We know security is important and the software delivers bank­grade leading encryption to ensure your data is safe. Clients will be capable of managing all referrals, in real­time and in one central location, available for viewing from any computer. With search technology, a dashboard reveals critical information we know is important to our clients.

Client will now begin to receive eStatus Update Notifications. We are very excited about the next level of service our firm will provide to our clients.

Industry focused ­ we continue to redefine the way we practice law.

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Content edited by personal injury attorney Judd Shaw. From the beginning, Judd established a set of Core Values laying out the pursuit for excellence in client service. He is a regular host of the Working The Wow podcast, with the belief that providing an exceptional client experience is just as important as delivering a quality service or product. You can find us in Red Bank and Tom‘s River, New Jersey.