You step outside your door, it’s 7 a.m. and you are headed out for a day’s work. You feel the crisp winter air brush against your face. There is no denying it: It’s freezing!

It’s that time of year again, where starting your car 30 minutes before you leave for work is a MUST. As much as most of us would like to jet off to Florida for the winter, we can’t, and this is our home.

Winter is a beautiful season but with it comes dangers, especially when we are talking about road conditions.

Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for what can sometimes be brutal driving conditions.


There are so many dangerous situations that could occur during winter weather. Things could happen during your drive that would require your car to stay running for long periods of time. How can you drive or even start your car without gas? You can’t!

Of course, we all sometimes are running low, and that is okay in normal circumstances. However, when you are driving during bad weather conditions, you should always have a full tank of gas. A short 30 minute trip could turn into a disaster at any point if you run out of gas! Make sure you top off your gas tank before leaving your vicinity.


With winter comes freezing temperatures. This can cause car troubles, especially when starting it up in the morning. To be even more precautious, make sure before the winter season rolls in, to replace your car battery and keep track of how long it has been in use. You don’t want to be stuck on the road stranded because your battery is dead and you have no jumper cables!

Visibility is key, and without visibility, you cannot operate a vehicle properly. Before heading out, use your ice scraper to brush any snow or ice off of all your windows. Do not drive if you cannot see, so scrape, scrape, scrape! Remember to always clean ice and snow off your car, it’s the law!


We know that life can sometimes get busy and cause you to move at a fast pace. It’s easy to get impatient and want to get where you have to go faster. Keep in mind that during the winter, there are many more dangers that lie ahead of you on the road. Drive slower than you normally would, as doing so gives you more time to slow down and come to a stop easier than if you were driving at a fast speed. Your car is not going to operate the same way it would in normal weather conditions, so give the person in front of you some room and slow down!


It is hard to avoid skidding when you are driving in ice and snow. But there is a way to safely drive your car, so it does not end up spinning out of control. Make sure you are not slamming on your brakes. Brake gently, and if your wheels begin to lock up, ease off of the brakes and don’t panic.

These are just SOME of the ways to protect yourself during winter driving conditions. Keep yourself and those around you safe by following these steps to a safer and happier winter season!

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