Peloton is a well-known brand, one of the biggest in the stationary bike industry. You may have one in your own home, and if that’s the case, it’s time to start checking your pedals. Peloton has issued a recall covering over 27,000 bikes it sold between July 2013 and May 2016.

The issue at hand is their PR70P Clip-In pedals.  There are over 100 consumers that are now reporting incidents of the pedals breaking during the operation of this stationary bike, and a whopping 16 cases have resulted in leg injury.

Peloton is now recommending that all affected consumers immediately stop using their bikes until they have received and changed their replacement pedals.

How to Spot PR70P Clip-In Pedals

Peloton has created a list of guidelines to follow in order to help consumers figure out if they have the faulty pedal machine:

  • They are the original pedals (i.e., have not been replaced) that came on any bike sold between July 2013 and May 2016;
  • They have the Peloton logo and the word “PELOTON” molded into the petal body; and
  • They include an orange Peloton logo and white lettering that reads “PELOTON” on top of the cleat binding

Peloton has told the public that these parts need to be replaced before continuing to use their bike.

There are certain criteria that your bike must have in order to be part of the recall. If your pedal does not have the orange Peloton logo on the cleat binding, it is not part of the recall.

Peloton has made the recall known to their consumers by sending emails to buyers as well as sending a popup alert through the bike touch screen. Peloton also released a photo of the bikes with a recall in order to help with identification.

What Steps Should You Take If Your Pedals Have Been Recalled?

Peloton has recommended that anyone with PR70P pedals stop using their bike until they have changed its pedals.  You can begin this process by completing and filling out the new pedal order form or calling Peloton’s support team so they will send you a free pair of replacement pedals.

Peloton has taken the extra step by offering consumers a personal video that walks customers through the new pedal installation process and has also made announcements that their support team will provide phone support for anyone who is struggling or finding it difficult to install the new pedals. If you need more information regarding Pelotons recall, please visit their website.

Defective Products and the Consumer

Peloton is one of the most well-known names in the home exercise industry, so their steps to fix this recall and defective products does not make up for the oversight that is clearly going on in this situation. Consumers buy this home exercise equipment expecting it to be safe (the bike itself sells for over $2,000).

Breakage during use is not acceptable. An organization that puts defective products on the market should be liable for all the mishaps and dangerous situations consumers suffer when using it. When buying an exercise bike, most consumers think of this as a lifetime purchase—something that will last forever and a great investment, so when the product falls short of that expectation, it affects everything.

Make sure to stay safe when using your Peloton bike and be sure to check all your parts and stay up to date on any recent recalls that may come up in the future.

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