With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner and a few parades along the Jersey Shore having already taken place, there’s no doubt a lot of drinking is going on throughout New Jersey this time of year.

With the holiday fast approaching and the quickly improving weather, many people are full of excitement. Unfortunately, injuries go hand in hand with the amount of drinking being done at events such as the parades in Belmar, Seaside, Asbury Park, and elsewhere. People should be able to celebrate and enjoy this time of year, but the injury risk needs to be taken into consideration. We thought it would be worthwhile to include some injury statistics to keep in mind while celebrating St. Paddy’s Day.

  • 88% of people who broke a bone say it could have been avoided if they’d been sober. While it’s obviously safer not to drink at all, we realize that’s not realistic for everyone. However, in order to avoid injury, it’s smart to be careful about how much you drink and to stay coherent enough that unwanted incidents can be avoided.
  • 23% of people don’t remember the reasons behind fights they got into while drunk, while 15% say there was “no specific reason” for their fights. Clearly, when people get too drunk, they get into fights unnecessarily. Much like with broken bones, these fight-related injuries can be avoided by being careful not to drink too much.
  • The average drinker has had two drinking-related injuries. In most cases, these injuries happen at around the age of 22, however, there are spikes at the ages of 25 and 35 as well. Clearly, no matter who you are, you are likely to suffer an injury due to drinking.
  • The three most common drinks linked to alcohol-related injuries are beer (58%), vodka (47%), and whiskey (27%). While liquor typically gets the reputation for getting people too drunk, beer has been the most common theme when it comes to alcohol-related injuries. So whatever you’re drinking, do so responsibly and be aware of your surroundings.
  • The majority of alcohol-related injuries are fortunately just bruises, scratches, and cuts. However, broken bones come right behind those three as the fourth most common alcohol-related injury.

Stay safe this St. Patrick’s Day! Drink responsibly and look out for each other as you celebrate the holiday and enjoy the Spring weather. If you or someone you know does get injured, reach out to us at 732-888-8888 or demandjudd@juddshawinjurylaw.com and allow us to fight on your behalf. Don’t hesitate to Demand Justice.

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