We have approached that time of year where your morning commute is becoming that much more dreadful. As the temperature drops, the risk of unsafe road conditions increases. Being aware of your surroundings and taking the proper precautions can be the difference between getting into an accident and getting to your destination safely. Here are some safety tips to ensure you are prepared for the cold winter weather.

Remove Ice or Snow 

Remove any ice or snow that may have accumulated on your vehicle overnight. Taking the time to make sure you have maximum visibility before leaving can prevent an accident. Falling ice and snow can also be hazardous to drivers around you.

Watch Out For Ice

Even when it is sunny and clear outside, there is still a chance for icy road conditions. Be on the lookout to avoid slipping out of control. Speeding can also increase the chance of an accident, especially with icy roads.

Hold Your Steering Wheel Firmly

For guaranteed control over your vehicle, make sure to be cautious of how you are holding your steering wheel. Sharp and sudden moves can cause loss of control if not cautious.

Use Extra Caution

When approaching and passing overpasses and bridges, make sure to use extra caution. These tend to freeze more quickly than other roads.

Watch Out For Wildlife

Wild animals often come near human establishments in search of food. Nocturnal animals may still be active during the early morning hours. Thus, if you live in an area with abundant wildlife, pay extra attention to any potential animals on the road.

Put Your Phone Away

Texting while driving is dangerous even in safe road conditions. Responding to text messages or checking social media with unsafe road conditions can increase the risk of an accident. Wait until you are stopped or at your destination to respond.

Using these tips can help make your morning commute safer. Make sure to take all these into consideration when getting behind the wheel. Stay safe and warm!

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