How can a car accident lawyer help?

There are many benefits to hiring a personal injury lawyer. When an experienced attorney shares his or her knowledge and resources to protect your rights, you can feel peace knowing you are in good hands.

Every car accident case has its own distinctive characteristics; what applies to one might not relate to another. Car accident lawyers must use their comprehensive understanding of the law to offer the best advice to their clients.

Let’s discuss how the attorneys of Judd Shaw Injury Law can assist you as your case unfolds. Below, learn about the unique factors of different case types and how we can help you. When you are ready for a free personal consultation, contact our team by calling (866) 909-6894 or completing the form on this page to find out what your claim could be worth.

Meeting the Challenges of Car Accident Litigation

In 2021, there were 48,962 car accidents in New Jersey. While this figure might include some minor fender-benders, severe accidents happen far too often. Any collision, though, has the potential to rack up the bills for property damage and medical care.

One reason families turn to accident lawyers is that some accidents are extremely difficult to investigate. It can also feel nearly impossible to recover compensation for damages when you’re going up the insurance companies on your own.

Multiple-car accidents

Determining who is at fault in a motor vehicle collision is critical. The at-fault party is liable to compensate for your losses, such as car repairs and medical bills.

Some insurance companies shamelessly exploit victims by claiming that more than one driver must be responsible. They can file an interpleader action to prevent both parties from receiving the same settlement. In other words, you might have to split money that would otherwise be yours alone, or the court could decide the insurer does not owe you anything.

You must claim fair compensation to avoid paying accident losses out of pocket. One look at a medical bill is usually enough for people to realize how financially draining a pile of them could be.

Experienced accident lawyers who know the tricks of insurers can improve your chances of winning a multiple-car accident claim. It may even be possible for your attorney to help you seek compensation from additional liable individuals or entities by means of a third-party suit.

Ridesharing accidents

What is the most significant difference between rideshare accidents and others? When rideshare drivers cause accidents, their companies are usually liable for damages. Each company, such as Uber or Lyft, has its own policies. Most ridesharing services accept liability for drivers logged into the app and transporting passengers.

At other times, drivers may receive coverage from their personal insurance policy. Not surprisingly, these insurers often exclude claims related to business purposes.

With ridesharing companies and personal insurers refusing to pay for specific portions of the same ride, you can imagine why ridesharing accidents can seem like a legal disaster. Ridesharing laws tend to change over time, which adds to the complexity of these incidents.

Mastering the Complexity of Truck Accidents

The weight and size of commercial vehicles often result in severe injuries and property damage in a collision. Therefore, trucking companies have a lot to lose. They sometimes employ legal teams dedicated to minimizing accident compensation to protect their businesses.

Multiple parties can add another dimension of complexity. Lawyers will need to determine who is at fault.

Potentially liable parties include:

  • Truckers
  • Trucking companies
  • Truck owners
  • Truck and auto part manufacturers
  • Shippers and loaders
  • Maintenance professionals

Further, the legal limit for alcohol, driving zones, and licensing requirements differ for commercial and passenger vehicle drivers. Strict rules govern how many hours drivers can work and how far they can travel in one shift.

To win a case in the trucking industry, you must understand federal and state regulations. So, to ensure success, get help from experienced truck accident lawyers who practice in your case’s jurisdiction.

Overcoming the Stereotypes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are less resistant to crashes than other vehicles. Motorcyclists can sustain catastrophic injuries in an accident that results in only minor damage to a car. Since they are less visible than other vehicles on the road, other motorists might not see motorcycles in time to avoid a collision.

Unfortunately, unfavorable stereotypes about motorcyclists abound. Some people think riders always maneuver recklessly or drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Others think riding a motorcycle is an irresponsible act. Motorcycle operators can be blamed for accidents that were out of their control.

Lawyers work hard to counteract incorrect views and prejudice about motorcycle drivers. They must collect solid evidence to demonstrate who is liable for the accident. Sometimes, the liable party could be another driver, unsafe roads, vehicle manufacturers, or even multiple individuals and entities.

Proving Key Elements of Wrongful Death Claims

Fatal accidents happen for various reasons. Though motorists cause some collisions, other car accidents occur due to defective products, mechanical failure, or poorly maintained roads. Identifying the correct party to sue is essential, but it can be tricky without professional help.

In New Jersey, specific family members can file a claim for damages on behalf of someone who died under certain conditions.

Eligible family members could include:

  • Spouses
  • Minor children
  • Financially dependent parents, adult children, siblings, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews

What conditions qualify? In general, if the decedent died due to negligent or harmful acts, the family can initiate a wrongful death lawsuit. However, many factors affect how much (if any) compensation you can claim.

Some factors that may affect your compensation are:

  • Your level of dependency on the deceased
  • How to divide the compensation if multiple family members qualify
  • Whether the decedent had a will and what it states
  • The deceased person’s income
  • How much your loved one suffered physically and emotionally before death
  • Your emotional damages as a result of the death

Understanding these factors can help you to maximize your settlement. A lawyer can determine whether a wrongful death suit or another type of legal action is suitable to bring justice on behalf of your family.

Acting Before It’s Too Late

Every type of car accident claim faces a common obstacle – the statute of limitations. In general, you must file a claim before the following time limits expire:

  • 2 years from the date of the personal injury incident
  • 6 years to pursue compensation if personal property was damaged (e.g., vehicles, land, buildings)

A few exceptions exist. For instance, if a victim were a minor or mentally incompetent at the time of the injury, then he or she might have more time to file.

Deadlines aside, there are good reasons to act quickly after a car accident. Witnesses could forget what they saw or lose interest in providing testimony. Physical evidence can degrade or become impossible to recover.

Experienced personal injury lawyers know what steps to take to begin a car accident claim. If your time is almost up, consulting a lawyer now can mean you won’t miss out on the compensation you deserve.

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