Where To Find a Car Accident Attorney

Finding an experienced car accident attorney near you is easier than you think. Consider the following options.

Ask Your Existing Attorney

Do you work with an attorney for other legal matters? Maybe you know someone licensed to practice law in your state. These attorneys might also handle personal injury cases. Even if they don’t, they might refer you to someone who does.

Ask Your Family and Friends

Do you know someone who was recently involved in a car accident? Did they get a settlement or a successful verdict? Would they recommend the law office they work with? Why or why not? What are some of the additional law offices they considered working with and why did they choose one attorney over the others?

Even if you do not know someone who has been in an accident recently, your family and friends might. Don’t rule out asking someone at work or asking family and friends to do so.

Get a Referral From the Local Bar Association

The bar association is a trade organization for attorneys. There is an American Bar Association, but there are also more local chapters by state and sometimes by city or county. Sometimes, the associations refer attorneys in good standing via their websites. Other times, you might need to reach out to the organization.

The associations can also help you dig deeper into attorneys on your shortlist. They might have published information on attorneys who faced disciplinary actions or might be willing to share this information if requested.

Check Online Business Listings

If you completed a Google search for a car accident lawyer near me, Google would automatically connect you with its business listings. These include not just the names and websites of attorneys but their customer satisfaction ratings.

An interesting thing about law offices is that you will encounter many without reviews. While this does not mean they have no happy customers, it could become more challenging to confirm whether they do.

Note that Google is not the only business listing service for attorneys. You can also find attorneys listed on Yelp, Facebook and Bing. Check multiple sources even if you would not usually rely on them for business information.

How To Identify a Good Car Accident Attorney

Personal injury law is very different from other practice areas. While it might feel tempting to work with an attorney experienced in other areas of civil law, you have a much higher chance of success working with attorneys who established their practice in personal injury.

Prioritize attorneys who have achieved impressive results. Past results provide no guarantee that you will get the highest possible compensation for your case, but it’s a start. A law office or attorney with several multi-million-dollar settlements likely has the resources, knowledge and skills to achieve similar results for your case if that is its potential value.