Hit-and-run accidents happen when one driver flees the accident scene for any reason. Unfortunately, these are rather common in the United States and have caused many deaths. In 2019, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 2,564 fatalities in crashes involving hit-and-run drivers in 2020, an increase of 26 percent from 2,037.

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What Is a Hit-and-Run Accident?

When a negligent driver flees the scene of a collision without providing insurance information or complying with the law, it’s known as a hit-and-run accident. Hit-and-run accidents might involve more than one vehicle or a pedestrian.

If a hit-and-run driver causes damage to another vehicle or person’s property, the victim will be left to deal with the repair or replacement expenses himself. When injured, the victim may suffer severe or fatal injuries if no one is there to assist in seeking the necessary care.

What are the hit-and-run laws in the United States?

In each state, laws are put in place to help individuals recover losses after an accident and to hold the at-fault party responsible for their actions. In general, drivers are required to stop and remain at the scene of an accident.

Drivers involved in collisions are also required to provide identification and give any needed assistance. These laws protect those injured in hit-and-run accidents and ensure victims receive prompt medical attention for their injuries and appropriate financial compensation.

What makes hit-and-run accident cases challenging?

When the at-fault driver flees the scene of an accident, you cannot get his or her insurance information for damages. Lack of this information makes filing claims with the insurance company more complex.

Fortunately, your insurance company can help provide for your expenses. The police will try to find the other driver so that you can recover the compensation. The officers may track down the other individual involved in the collision by means of a thorough investigation. When they apprehend the culprit, a hit-and-run accident lawyer can develop a case so you may seek compensation.

Why Drivers Flee the Accident Scene

Despite the fact that fleeing the scene of an accident is illegal, many people do it. In most situations, this is due to the driver’s inability to think rationally. Some flee because they are afraid of the consequences, while others may have been intoxicated.

1. The driver may be intoxicated

Drivers who are drunk or under the influence of drugs may flee a hit-and-run scene to evade DUI charges. Those with a previous DUI conviction are more likely to hit and run.

Another reason to flee the scene is that the person has illegal drugs or a firearm in the car and doesn’t want the police to find them.

2. The driver may have an outstanding warrant

Drivers with outstanding warrants may choose to run away to avoid being arrested by police officers who arrive at the accident scene. The driver may have committed another crime previously and caused the accident on top of that so may flee the scene to avoid talking to the police, getting license points, or paying higher insurance rates.

3. The driver may be uninsured or underinsured

All drivers are required by state law to have a minimum amount of liability insurance to compensate for any injury they cause others in traffic accidents. Uninsured or underinsured drivers may flee the scene of an accident to avoid criminal charges or fines for driving without the required insurance.

4. The driver panicked and fled the scene

Some drivers do not handle stress well and may not think clearly in such a scenario. The driver who caused the accident may panic, choosing to flee the scene instead of accepting responsibility. A panicked driver’s fight-or-flight reflex may kick in and prompt him or her to leave, even though it would be best to remain at the scene.

Regardless of why someone fled the scene, he or she will be held accountable for the hit-and-run crime when the police catch them. An experienced hit-and-run lawyer can help you recover damages once the at-fault driver is apprehended.

What Kinds of Damages Can I Recover After a Hit-and-Run Accident?

Hit-and-run accidents can result in minor or severe injuries and property damage. You may potentially sustain life-altering injuries that will impact the quality of your life.

As an accident victim, you are entitled to compensation for your losses. Following a hit-and-run accident, you may be entitled to a variety of damages, including:

  • Economic damages: These cover any current or future expenses incurred due to the crash. These include medical fees, physical rehabilitation costs, car repair bills, and lost pay. A hit-and-run lawyer can also assist you in identifying all the property damage caused by the accident.
  • Non-economic damages: These are the intangible costs of your injury, such as pain and suffering. Setting a monetary value on someone’s pain and suffering is a complex task that usually requires the help of an attorney.

Why You Need a Hit-and-Run Accident Attorney

A hit-and-run accident can be difficult to litigate when the culprit is long gone. If the police do not find the perpetrator, you may not be able to hold the at-fault party responsible for your damages. But a lawyer who is experienced with hit-and-run cases knows what steps to take to have you compensated for any injuries or damages you have incurred.

A hit-and-run accident attorney can assist you in the following ways:

  • Investigating the accident: If you cannot identify the at-fault driver, the lawyer will work alongside law enforcement to help apprehend the culprit. This includes gathering video footage from nearby cameras or conducting interviews with any witnesses.
  • Dealing with your insurance company on your behalf: Insurance companies may give you a hard time since dealing with a hit-and-run can be complicated. Hiring a lawyer to liaise with the insurance company ensures you receive an adequate settlement for your case.
  • Taking your case to court: An experienced lawyer and legal team can develop your case, utilizing expert witnesses and accident recreation to demonstrate you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.

A skilled hit-and-run accident lawyer can help you understand your legal options. At Judd Shaw Injury Law, we help victims of hit-and-run accidents fight for compensation and recover their losses.

Our hit-and-run accident attorneys can guide you through filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit to seek compensation for medical bills, lost income, and other damages. We can examine your case and go up against insurance companies on your behalf. With our attorneys working on your case, you will be able to focus on recovering.

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