We know after a car crash that your body is still reeling from the trauma you just endured. You may not even want to think of taking photographs of this terrible day, but you MUST!

Car accident photos and videos can prove to be very important to your case. That’s because, even if you’ve been in a minor car accident, gathering evidence is of the utmost importance. The more you have, the better off you will be. Plus, if you’ll work with an accident reconstruction lawyer, they will put that evidence to good use.

Follow along to read about some photo taking tips if you’re involved in a car accident.


Angles are so important when taking your accident photos. There are so many different angles that you can use. Here are three different types of shots that can prove to be useful for you!

Panoramic Angle: This type of camera angle can offer a lot of evidence. It can show a 360- degree picture of the crash itself. It can show where the car itself is placed in the road, and it can offer a lot of information about the crash site.

Close Ups: This one is very important. Make sure to get a close up of EVERYTHING. This can include any damages to your property or yourself. Things like injuries to your body or damages to your vehicle or personal items.

Wide Angle: You may think this is a lot like the panoramic angle we spoke about earlier, but you are wrong. A wide angle can offer different perspectives about the surrounding area of the crash. It can show elements that could have affected the crash, like lighting, road hazards, or bad visibility. When taking your photos, always be sure to include a landmark in each one.

There can never be too many photos of the crash scene, so make sure to follow these guidelines if you have been in an accident. The more you have to go off of, the better off you will be.

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