Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing apps have boomed in popularity over the past several years. Nowadays, approximately 36 percent of Americans have used a ridesharing application, which is over double the percentage of users in 2015.

Unfortunately, an increased number of ridesharing cars on the roadways means accidents involving these vehicles are becoming increasingly more common. Recovering compensation after being involved in an Uber or Lyft accident can be challenging. There may be multiple parties involved – the rideshare driver, various insurance companies, third parties, and others.

A rideshare accident attorney can file all necessary paperwork on your behalf, negotiate with insurance companies, and help you secure maximum compensation for your injuries. However, you may be unsure how to find an Uber or Lyft lawyer in your area. This article will discuss how to find a reputable lawyer near you.

How To Find A Rideshare Accident Attorney Near Me?

Referrals From Family, Friends, and Acquaintances

You may want to start your search for a rideshare accident attorney by asking close friends, family members, coworkers, and others for recommendations. You can start by contacting those you know who have filed a personal injury claim for a rideshare collision or another type of car accident.

Getting referrals from people we trust is always a good thing. When someone recommends a law firm and attorney to you, ask specific questions about his or her experience. You may want to know how long the case took to settle, how the lawyer communicates with his or her clients, and what the client’s relationship was like with the lawyer.

However, it is not advisable to make a decision based solely on a recommendation. You may have a different response to a lawyer’s style and personality than your friend or family member did. Don’t make a final decision until you have met with the rideshare lawyer, discussed your case, and decided that he or she is the right fit for you and your situation.

Do a Thorough Online Search

A common mode to find an Uber or Lyft accident lawyer is to search online. You may type a phrase into the search bar, such as “best rideshare accident attorney in New Jersey.”

However, if you enter this phrase or something similar, you may see results of dozens, if not hundreds, of personal injury law firms in the area. How will you know which law firm is reputable and the right fit for your personality and rideshare accident case?

Consider some tips to help in your search for a rideshare accident lawyer in your area:

  • Make sure the lawyer practices law in your state: If you live in New Jersey, you want to be sure to hire a law firm that can legally practice personal injury law in your case’s jurisdiction. For example, your friend who lives in NY may have recommended a rideshare accident lawyer he or she liked. However, if the law firm can’t practice in NJ, you know not to consider them for your NJ car accident.
  • Find out what types of cases the law firm handlesPersonal injury law firms may only handle certain types of cases. Your uncle may have really liked his lawyer who handled his slip and fall case, but you should find out whether that lawyer also has experience handling Uber and Lyft accidents.
  • Research the law firm: Go to the website of the law firm you are considering hiring and read testimonials from past clients. Look for any awards or accolades the law firm has received – these can be signs the law firm is established, accomplished, and respected. You may also want to read Yelp, Google, and other reviews left by clients who have used the law firm in the past.
  • Take advantage of the free case evaluation: Most personal injury law firms offer potential clients a free consultation. After asking for referrals and doing some online research, you can begin scheduling consultations with some of the law firms you are considering. Most law firms allow you to schedule an appointment by calling or completing an online contact form.

Our Rideshare Accident Attorneys Are Here to Help

Finding a rideshare lawyer to represent your Uber or Lyft accident case can be difficult. It is important to find an attorney who has experience handling rideshare accidents. You also want to hire a lawyer who is the right fit for your personality and communication style.

The personal injury lawyers at Judd Shaw Injury Law have years of experience in handling rideshare accident cases. We are knowledgeable in the laws surrounding these types of collisions and know how to build a solid case for our clients. You can click here to see testimonials from some of our past clients.

We offer free, no-obligation consultations. Call us at 866-909-6894 or complete the contact form today to find out if our personal injury lawyers are the right fit for you and your rideshare accident case.

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