After an injury caused by another party occurs – whether it be due to a vehicular accident, a fall in a store, an injury from a defective product, and so on – it is not uncommon for the party who is liable for the accident to make a quick offer of money to you. This may be out of the goodness of their heart in trying to make things right, but make no mistake that an offer to pay you money is most likely going to involve you giving up your rights to bring a legal claim for your injuries later on.

Certainly, being offered a check without your having to do anything to pursue your legal claim can be very tempting, but understand that potential defendants who know they are liable for a person’s injuries will often try to use a victim’s desire to get paid quickly as a way to keep them from hiring an attorney who will pursue a lawsuit. But while settling a personal injury claim without having your own lawyer represent you may feel convenient, ask yourself what you are giving up for this momentary convenience.

Do You Understand the Ultimate Costs You Will Face?

One risk in accepting a quick settlement offer for your injury is that you may well not understand the full cost of your injuries over the long term. An injury might cause ongoing symptoms and repercussions for months and years which necessitate further medical visits, surgeries, in-home care, medical equipment, and other costs, not to mention the long-term cost to your ability to earn income.

An experienced personal injury attorney who has dealt with situations just like yours may have a better sense of the total costs you will face over your life from your injuries, and can work with your medical providers to reach a number that could be well higher than what you are being offered.

Do You Know What Your Claim Is Actually Worth Under the Law?

Related to the above point, many people do not understand what they are entitled to in a personal injury lawsuit. If it is possible to show that the other party indeed was negligent in causing your injuries, you are entitled to the lifetime costs of your medical needs stemming from the injury, your lost income and reduced earning potential, as well as pain and suffering.

By working with an attorney, you can understand what your claim is truly worth the law, and your attorney can fight on your behalf to recover this amount.

Does the Other Party Have a Lawyer?

If your injuries were caused by a person working as an employee at the time of the accident, there may well be vicarious liability on the part of the employer, meaning that the employer would be liable to you. In most cases, when a business is offering you a settlement, there is going to be an attorney working on their behalf, advising them on the settlement. As a personal injury victim, you should feel confident in giving yourself the same benefit by working with an attorney who can advise you on your rights.

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