Good companies meet your expectations. But, it’s the truly great companies that defy your expectations and leave you saying “Wow!” Which one do you want to be?

Welcome to Working The Wow, formerly The Judd Shaw Way, where we believe providing an exceptional client experience is just as important as delivering a quality service or product.

From secret tips for creating unforgettable “Wow” moments to proven customer service tactics, join Personal Injury Law Firm founder and entrepreneur Judd Shaw on your journey from simply doing a “good job” to making them say “Wow!”

When people search on Google, they’re likely to be faced with pages and pages of choices. So how do you stand out from the crowd, ensure that people click on your website, and eventually convert them into clients? You have to utilize SEO strategies the right way. The first step is getting your site to […]
No matter where they are in the country, clients have one expectation that defines their experience with your law firm. They want to know that you’ll do what you say you’ll do. How you do that can be the difference between a wow experience or an underwhelming, never-going-back-there again experience.   It starts with the small […]
It takes more than pixie dust to shape a great culture, engage your team, and create a magical experience for your clients.  For Dan Cockerell, the magic began when he took on the role of Operations Manager at Disney’s All-Star Resorts. But it didn’t play out as you’d expect: instead of beginning his role as […]
Imagine this: it’s 9/11, you’re the leader of a Disney theme park with ten thousand guests inside. The news of the terrorist attacks broke, and you’re scared your park could be a target. There’s also the concern that if guests get wind of the report, there could be a stampede at the park’s exit.  To […]
Walt Disney World is known for captivating the hearts of guests and giving them a magical, first-class experience. But it turns out that creating a memorable experience isn’t solely in the hands of Disney. No matter what industry you’ve built your business in, you can create a remarkable experience for your clients. Former Executive Vice […]
You may have heard of the Pareto Principle — also known as the 80/20 rule. But do you know how to utilize this principle to generate maximum value for your business? At its core, the Pareto Principle is about identifying an entity’s best assets and using them to create maximum value. The rule states that […]
Emotional intelligence (EI) is often brushed off as a “soft skill” and disregarded in the workplace. However, Bill Biggs is here to emphasize how EI can accelerate performance in both leadership and team activities. Why is EI so important, and how can you help your team develop these skills to deliver better customer service? Bill […]

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