Good companies meet your expectations. But, it’s the truly great companies that defy your expectations and leave you saying “Wow!” Which one do you want to be?

Welcome to Working The Wow, formerly The Judd Shaw Way, where we believe providing an exceptional client experience is just as important as delivering a quality service or product.

From secret tips for creating unforgettable “Wow” moments to proven customer service tactics, join Personal Injury Law Firm founder and entrepreneur Judd Shaw on your journey from simply doing a “good job” to making them say “Wow!”

Steve Moss had two passions throughout his career: one was building brands, and the other was helping build people’s careers. After brand building in his corporate career, Steve decided to start a mentorship organization to give others the tools they need to excel in their professions.  Thus, Executive Springboard was created. But why did Steve […]
It’s easy for younger, inexperienced lawyers to give in to their fear of trial and stay in their zone of safety. But the truth is, if you want to build a reputation, you have to muster up the courage to take risks and prove that you’ll fight for your client. Following in the footsteps of […]
When it comes to running a law firm, there are plenty of tasks you have to balance. But ultimately, your business can’t run without clients. So, in this hyper-competitive injury marketplace, what can you do to connect with potential clients and keep your name on the tip of the community’s tongue? Darryl “The Hammer” Isaacs […]
Many defense lawyers are outstanding presenters and quick on their feet, but Keith Mitnik says they’re painting by numbers: they have a set strategy and go-to arguments. But if you can knock them off of their paint-by-number strategy, they’re lost. So how exactly do you counter their tactics? After practically living in the courtroom, Keith […]
Resilience is key to survive in a world full of hardships. It allows you to adapt and recover from whatever life throws your way, giving you the strength to move forward, find light in the darkness, and master your fate. Although you can be born with resilience in your blood, it’s also a skill set […]
There’s one thing that fitness gyms, law firms, or any other service business has in common: customers who come to you not because they want to — but because they have to. Every business wants clients who are eager to partner with them, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Some customers are directed toward […]
How do you grow your law firm, carry on a legacy, and generate success year after year? Following in the footsteps of his father who fled Cuba and became a compassionate attorney, Alex De Castroverde had some big shoes to fill. As Alex learned early on, success doesn’t happen overnight. However, a few key principles […]

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