Good companies meet your expectations. But, it’s the truly great companies that defy your expectations and leave you saying “Wow!” Which one do you want to be?

Welcome to Working The Wow, formerly The Judd Shaw Way, where we believe providing an exceptional client experience is just as important as delivering a quality service or product.

From secret tips for creating unforgettable “Wow” moments to proven customer service tactics, join Personal Injury Law Firm founder and entrepreneur Judd Shaw on your journey from simply doing a “good job” to making them say “Wow!”

To deliver a great client experience, you need the right people on your team — but you also need the right processes to help your team thrive. So how do you decide what needs a process? And how should you go about developing these processes? According to Venus Tahmasebi, running a business is all operational. […]
When done right, culture has the potential to be a real competitive advantage for your business. But how do you build a culture by design and not by default? Intentional or not, every company has a culture — whether it’s good, bad, or somewhere in between. If you don’t like your culture, there’s one area […]
If your firm has a bottleneck in your path toward growth, a consultant may be just what you need to get under the hood and uncover underlying issues. As a CPA-turned-consultant, Tim McKey understands that data and numbers really matter in a law firm. As an accountant, he was taught that numbers don’t lie, but […]
Customer service is the new marketing strategy. So what can your business do to elevate the client experience and use it to drive results?Brands like Amazon and Zappos are focusing their efforts on incredible customer service to attract both new and loyal customers — because the client experience can make or break your business. If […]
When your company is in its early stages, the leadership team often wears many hats. However, as your company evolves, your leadership roles need to evolve as well. This often means that leaders need to let go and delegate — otherwise you run the risk of restraining business growth. Letting go can be difficult, no […]
Existing and past clients and customers have a significant impact on your business, and they can easily become your best marketing strategy. That’s why there’s nothing better than having happy, satisfied clients. But how do you serve their needs — especially in the era of constant digital transformation? Weaving together people, processes, and technology, Josh […]
We all need empathy. It’s what connects us, makes us feel seen, and helps us understand the different experiences of humanity. Empathy is an emotional investment that can help us appreciate what others are feeling and offer support on a deeper level. But why do we need empathy when it comes to business? You’ve probably […]

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